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October 25th, 2014

Hair accessories for women with locs Virtuous Creations is your one stop shop for all of your natural hair accessory needs.
In order to save yourself some time please take a few minutes to read the FAQ and the Store Policies and while you are here please sign our Guest Book so that we will know that you have visited.
There are hair accessories for both men and women with links to buy or instructions on how to make them.
I spend the majority of my time researching my field and connecting with new and interesting people.
These black women were happy to pose in front of thirsty roots camera lenses so that we could capture their stunning beauty.
If you are thinking about beginning dreads this gallery of pictures should serve as some serious inspiration.
For those of you who have your hair locked up already send us some pics and we would be happy to display them.
Keke Palmer shares a glimpse of her natural hair before the protective weave hairstyle is created.
I opted for cultivated locs because I wanted to do them myself quickly and easily.
I will still visit her from time to time for pampering but I love being able to do my own hair.
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I wanted to grace your page and say way to go you make me proud to have such a unique name.
My daughter and I LOVE out hair twists and are planning on ordering earrings in the future.
I got my brand new Atlantis Tomoka Twist set today and for all of my sorors out there.
I am too lazy to go down in the comments but LALAH HATAWAY should be in the number.
So I have finally gave in and I hope her locs come out as beautiful as your daughter.
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The cultivated style offers the most styling options and should be considered by those who desire flexibility.
Wind the section around the flexi rod in the direction you want your curl to fall.
Continue until all of the hair is curled and then sit under a hood dryer or let your hair air dry.
You can pin back both or one side of the hair and use accessories like barrettes or silky scarves to jazz up the look in the evening or to add more style definition.
Spray your hair till damp and then grab a section of hair at the front and clip aside out of the way.
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Despite its long lived history and recent popularity dreadlocks still remain a misunderstood hair choice .
Organic dreadlocks are formed by basically leaving your hair to its own devices.
Free form dreadlocks are form by washing your hair often and separating the natural bunches that your hair forms.
When you get into cultivated dreadlocks there are a lot of ways that they can be started.
What I found in print as well as online that many dreadlock wearers are biased to the method that they used to start their locks.
And the way you maintain your dreadlocks will depend on the method that you used.
I have also found that hair type can play a huge role in your journey and the final look.
I think I have unearthed all of the basic dreadlocking methods and some that are not so basic.
If your hair will form a natural coil you can usually start your dreadlocks this way.
Single twists Starting dreadlocks with single twist is a lot like starting dreadlocks with comb coils.
The only difference is that you use your fingers instead of a comb to form the lock.
Palm Rolls Starting dreadlocks with palm rolls is a lot like starting locks with comb coils or finger rolls.
Your hair should be at least three inches long to start your dreadlocks with this method.
Double Strand Twists If you are looking for a way to start your dreadlocks that can be handled a little more at the beginning you may want to consider starting your locks with two strand or double strand twists.
Braids Braids are one of the easiest low maintenance ways of starting dreadlocks.
Dreadlocks started with braids can be a wide range of sizes from the size of your finger to the size of a piece of yarn and every diameter in between.
This method works on all hair types but is especially good for those who have hair that will not coil or have various types of hair on your head.
No matter what way you start your locks there will be an amount time that you will have to wait before they are completely mature.
The amount of time will depend on your hair type and the method that you used to start your locks.
If you want your dreadlocks to have a consistent look it is better to pick one method and stick with it.
There are several extension styles that you can try that will give you a feel of how dreadlocks might be for you as well as letting you gauge the reaction of family and friend.
In general it is easier to style thinner dreadlocks than think and longer dreadlocks than short.
You may have to think outside of the box but there are ways to make any locked head look stunning.
The length of your natural hair and hair texture determine how long it will take to install your dreadlocks.
The comb coil method is achieved when loose hair is coiled around the toothless end of a rat tail comb.
Palm rolls are started when natural hair is rolled between the palms of the hands or index finger and thumb.
Dreadlocks also can be started with this method on hair with looser curl pattern.
A latch hook is a tool you can find at a craft store and oftentimes is used to make rugs.
Sisterlocks are similar to traditional locs because they are both locking methods which allow natural hair to mat and form locs.
Here you will find the largest variety of more valuable natural hair accessories and related items for your natural hair.
Store memberships are available for frequent shoppers so that you can enjoy more of the products you love so much.
These items end up costing you more long term due to constantly having to replace them because of their inability to last.
Slow fashions are more valuable due to the time and effort as well as complexity put into the pattern and design process.
These products are created by designers who appreciate technique and quality as well as comfort over speed and quantity.
We are constantly upgrading and seeking ways to make improvements to the entire line.
Based on customer responses we find that clients would rather pay a little more for a product that will last longer due to better design instead of paying less for one they will have to replace in 30 days to 6 months.
The collection of products here emphasize on meticulous details as well as staying right on the fashion trend.
Select your items by adding them to the shopping cart by clicking Add To Cart and then click Checkout at the top of the page once you are done shopping.

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